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Frequently Asked Questions

Will I share my intensive driving course with another pupil ?

No, all our intensive courses are one-to-one tuition. We do not offer or do car sharing courses as they lessen the driving experience for the pupil as they spend half the time driving and half the time watching. On our courses you are behind the wheel gaining all the necessary experience on a one-to-one basis with your own Instructor.

Is it all in-car tuition?

Yes, All our courses are in-car tuition. We believe it is important to gain experience behind the wheel driving and not in a classroom with other people talking about driving.

I am struggling with my theory - do you offer theory training?

Yes, we can provide theory training during the course where needed.

What documents will I need to do a course ?

You must hold a current provisional licence.  This can be either the new photographic style (photocard and paper counterpart) or older style paper license with a valid passport.  

If i fail my practical test what happens?

Our pass rate is well above the national average but if you do not pass we ask you to book another test, then give us the details and we will rebook your test for as soon as possible after the minimum 10 day wait. You normally would have to wait from 4 to 12 weeks for another test  with other driving schools.

Can i do my theory test and practical test on the course?

Yes, on the 4, 5 or 6 day course it is possible to do the theory test on the course and providing the theory is passed still have the practical test on the final day of the course. We can also arrange the theory test before the course for you if you would prefer.

Do you offer free training or free re-test if i fail like other driving schools offer?

No, We do not offer any free tuition or re-tests as realistically other driving schools add on extra money to the price of their course to cover the costs plus they have many terms and conditions which then invalidate the free tuition or re-test. Our company expects our pupils to pass 1st time so we dont feel the need to up our prices at your cost to cover a test or training you should not even need if you pass 1st time with us.  

Not sure what course i should book?

If you have any doubts in which course to book please contact us by phone, e-mail or on-line chat.  Our profesional office staff can help you choose by telling them your previous driving experience.

I have passed my theory test already, can i still do a course?

Yes, our courses are available to anyone.

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